10 KLE Society's School, Nipani

Co-curricular activities

Co-curricular Activities For Academic Year 2019-2020

Sl. No Competitions Date
1 Drawing Competitions 09-04-2019
2 Grade I & II: Handwriting Competition Grade III to X : Creative writing 15-06-2019
3 English Poetry Recitation 29-06-2019
4 Grade I to IV Spell: it right 20-07-2019
5 Grade V to VII: Pick & speak 20-07-2019
6 Grade VIII to X: Speech 20-07-2019
7 Science Quiz 27-07-2019
8 Rakhi Making Competition (V to X) 03-08-2019
9 Hindi Patriotic Group Song Competition (House wise I to X) 14-08-2019
10 Grade I to VII: Best of Waste Grade VIII to X: Pebble Painting Comp. 24-08-2019
11 Kannada Poetry Recitation I to IV, V to VII, VIII to X 31-08-2019
12 Card Making Competition 07-09-2019
13 Solo Dance Competition (I to X) 21-09-2019
14 Mono acting Comp (I to IV Birds & Animals chirping sound, V to VII Funny or Comedy one act, VIII to X Political leader or News anchor) 04-10-2019
15 Grade I to IV: Fancy Dress Comp Grade V to X: 2-11-2019
16 Group Folk Dance Competition(House wise I to X) 16-11-2019
17 Hindi Poetry Recitation I to IV, V to VII, VIII to X 23-11-2019
18 Grade V to VII: Spelling Comp.Grade VIII to X: (Debate ) 30-11-2019
19 Language Quiz 7-12-2019
20 Solo Song Competition 13-12-2019

KG Memory test

Drawing competition on Chairman Sir's Birthday

English poetry Recitation

Card making competition

Best out of waste

Creative Writing & Drawing Competition

Inter School Drawing Competition on account of Dr. Prabhakar Kore Sir's Birthday

Spell Bee Comp

North Karnataka Sahodaya (Venugram ) Debate Comp

KG Memory Test

School Election 2018 & Drawing Competition